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Professional Packing & Unpacking

​Its important to understand that packing is a critical element in your move being successful. How many times have you moved yourself in your lifetime, 3, 4 or even 5 times? Our professional moving staff moves dozens in a week even hundreds in a year. Hiring us to professionally pack your belongings will let us get more done in less time while saving you money in the long run in terms of time and energy along with less chance of breakage. Let our trained team unpack all your belongings and place exactly where you would like them. This is the most efficient way to get organized in your new home so that you can enjoy your adventure of a new community. We understand that some of our clients like to do it all themselves and that is perfectly ok; however for the clients that would like us to handle this aspect of the move we have you covered.

Residential & Commercial

 Like most important events in your life, moving requires considerable planning. Our professionals will come to your home or business and speak with you regarding your particular needs, answer your questions, and offer all of the help you need to prepare yourself and your family for “moving day.”

Moving in Dallas is hectic and stressful. Whenever you decide to go from one home or apartment to another, it’s necessary to hire a licensed and insured moving company to help.  We move businesses, schools, labs, and more. No matter the size, Diroid Movers can help you move promptly and efficiently. We specially pack and crate your computers to make sure nothing is damaged during the move. We are also equipped to handle large machines such as the office copier. Once at your new location, we will help you set everything back up so your business can get back to work as soon as possible. Our team of professional office movers wants to ensure you don’t miss a beat when moving your business. 

Office furniture requires the same careful handling as personal items which you have in your home. We  use special equipment to handle your office & industrial moving requirements. Air ride electronic trucks, rubber wheel dollies, and building protection allow us to relocate your business items from office furnishings to heavy machines to sensitive equipment.

Corporate Relocation

Hiring a corporate relocation service may seem like a large expense. It doesn’t have to be with Diroid Movers. When you hire us, you receive an affordable rate and the best possible service for all your corporate moving needs.
Our highly trained staff will coordinate, pack, move and unpack everything involved with all your corporate moves. We provide complete corporate relocation services, from start to finish.

Disassemble & Reassemble​​​

Disassembly and reassembly is a simple process at a glance. A professional will carefully take your furniture apart and package the individual sections. There’s no limit to the types of furniture that can be moved through a disassembly and reassembly process. Sofas, recliners, bookshelves, buffets, armoires, wall units, entertainment centers, and even pool tables are usually massive beasts that are dangerous and difficult to move. But with the help of a disassemble and reassemble professionals, the entire move goes smoother, easier, and safer.

Furniture  Pick-up & Delivery Services

Furniture moving can be very stressful. You may own furniture you simply cannot handle on your own, or you may need  furniture delivered. You don’t have to take on the physical toll of moving large pieces of furniture. Moving heavy pieces of furniture isn’t something everybody can handle. In most cases, it’s best to hire Diroid Movers to handle your largest and heaviest pieces.

Loading & Unloading 

Whether you rent a truck or van, you can still enjoy a professional move with Diroid Movers. Our professional movers will meet you at your home or office with the necessary equipment to load and unload your truck! Loading your rental truck, trailer, or storage container is the hardest part of a do-it-yourself move. It’s important to have experienced moving help available to correctly load the items, both to prevent damage during transit as well as maximize your available space.

Senior Citizen & Student Moving

As we get older, we may find it necessary to downsize. All of the children have moved out and we don’t need a four bedroom home anymore. Moving seniors often includes some type of minimalizing or moving things to a storage unit, along with the new home. Diroid Movers understand the needs of seniors when they need to move. We take special care to make sure all of your items arrive in the same condition as they were in your old home. Our full moving services for seniors provide packing and unpacking. We will pack up everything for you, even antiques or fine art requiring special care. Then, when it arrives at your new home, we will unpack everything and even assemble furniture. You don’t have to take on the stress of moving alone. We provide excellent senior moving assistance.

Students often move every year and sometimes more than once a year. Whether you are moving back home for the summer or to school, the right student moving service will make all the difference. You have enough to worry about with getting into the right classes, preparing for the school year and making sure you have everything you need. Diroid Movers provides the top student moving services in the DFW, so focus your energy on finals, and leaving the moving to the pros.